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As a company or recruitment consultant, you can place your advertisements for actuaries, experts in actuarial and financial mathematics or data scientists simply via URL, PDF upload or  a convenient input form. Here you can find our products.

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The actupool website is the ideal way to present your company . Showcase your brand, advertise your jobs and inform all potential applicants about your company. This will give applicants an ideal picture of your qualities.

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You or your customer will be listed on our website as a top company if you book the Premium Package for your job advertisement. This will enable you to attract maximum attention and generate optimum visibility for your company.


Find the latest job offers from the industry for actuaries
Underwriting | Analysis | Mathematik | Risk Management | Reinsurance
Actuarial Association of Europe
Association | English | Organisation | Office skills | Communication skills
Aktuariat | Mathematik | Sie verfügen über sehr gute Deutsch- und gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift | HGB | Solvency 2
Consulting Company | Life Insurance | Mathematik | Migration | Project Management
Aktuariat | Mathematik | Reinsurance | Deutsch und Englisch auf verhandlungssicherem Niveau (mindestens C1) | Routinierter Umgang mit Excel und VBA
Aktuariat | Pensions | Life Insurance | German


Check out the company profiles - numerous insurance companies and financial service providers present their company. On the company profile you will also find the company's current vacancies for actuaries.

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