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As a company or recruitment consultant, you can place your advertisements for actuaries, experts in actuarial and financial mathematics or data scientists simply via URL, PDF upload or  a convenient input form. Here you can find our products.

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The actupool website is the ideal way to present your company . Showcase your brand, advertise your jobs and inform all potential applicants about your company. This will give applicants an ideal picture of your qualities.

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You or your customer will be listed on our website as a top company if you book the Premium Package for your job advertisement. This will enable you to attract maximum attention and generate optimum visibility for your company.


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FSP GmbH Consulting & IT-Services
Pensions | Consulting company | Data Science | Life insurance | Risk management
Pensions | Application Development | Consulting company | IT | German
ÖRAG Rechtsschutzversicherungs-AG
Casualty insurance
Metzler Pension Management GmbH
Frankfurt on the Main
Reporting | Risk management
Marketing | English | Office skills | Content-Management-Systeme | Webtools
Association | English | Office skills | Team spirit | Communication skills
Marketing | English | Communication skills | Team spirit

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In our interview, Dr Wilhelm Schneemeier, President of the Actuarial Association of Europe and Member of the Board of the German Association of Actuaries, talks about the role of data science for the
With the pandemic disrupting normal work and home life, individuals and businesses have both struggled to find balance in a new socially-distanced world.
Alex Thiel, HR Communicator at Allianz Deutschland AG, reports on working from home whilst working from home.
An interview with Volker Rosenbach, Lead Partner for Deloitte’s Workforce Transformation Offering.
Increasingly recruiters look directly on social networks for suitable candidates for their companies. Therefore, some rules should be followed and public profiles should be maintained.
Strengthening your teamspirit when working from home