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DAV President Dr. Bader talks about the dream job actuary

Recently, an in-depth article on the profession of the actuary was published on XING and LinkedIn. Blogger Martin Gaedt conducted a comprehensive interview with the Chairman of the German Actuarial Association, Dr. Guido Bader, about the activities, skills and challenges of actuaries in Germany. Rating: Worth reading.
Written on 10/1/20

The protector of the collective and the heart of insurers. Actuaries minimize risks. A dream job with great career perspectives

Who determines the price of an insurance product? How is the payout of a life insurance guaranteed over several decades? How does a telematics tariff work in car insurance, where a low-risk driving style leads to more favorable rates? Actuaries plan such innovations. State-of-the-art IT software is used for their calculations and modeling. They keep an eye on the requirements of consumers and markets, the computing paths of IT trends and the legal framework. 

The heart of insurers

Actuaries are the "heart of insurers", says Dr. Guido Bader in our interview on 16.09.2020. He has been on the Board of the German Association of Actuaries (DAV) since 2009 and the chairman of the Board since 2019. His enthusiasm for the profession radiates through the telephone line: "Actuaries have the best profession because it offers a very wide range of creative possibilities. The work is much more creative than many people think. It gives great perspectives and it is much more than mathematics".

Read the full article in German here on XING.