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actunews careers edition April 2021 published

The second issue of the actunews careers edition covers the topic "Actuaries of the Future: Data Science Meets Traditional Actuarial Expertise" and contains four interesting articles.
Written on 3/31/21

The actunews careers newsetter informs monthly about the latest topics in the fields of work and career. The second issue focusing on "Actuaries of the Future: Data Science Meets Traditional Actuarial Expertise" features four interesting articles:

  • "My Job Starts Where Excel Stops!" : They are often called data geeks who are able to work magic. They juggle massive amounts of data, have excellent software development skills and have mastered at least one programming language perfectly. This article by actupool Sponsoring Partner Allianz gives insights into the work of data scientists
  • "How to Attract Young Talents for Data Scientist Roles": Data science is becoming a key part of many roles within the insurance sector. Recruiting specialist and actupool Competence Partner JCW explains how businesses can attract ambitious and hungry young talents and why communication is a key factor in the hiring process. 

  • "Actuarial profession on the move": In our interview, Dr Wilhelm Schneemeier, President of the Actuarial Association of Europe and Member of the Board of the German Association of Actuaries, talks about the role of data science for the profession and what young actuaries need to face the future.

  • "Man Versus Machine: The Evolution of the Actuary in a World of Automated Machine Learning": Increasingly actuaries have been incorporating machine learning techniques into mathematic models. Will this eventually make Actuaries redundant? This article provided by RGA gives answers.

The full newsletter as PDF file can be found here.

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