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Allianz Care: Challenges Faced by Expat Women

A blog entry by Allianz Care notes that only 14 % of employees on international assignments are women. Even though figures vary by industry and region, corresponding reports show that expatriate women face additional challenges while working abroad. Despite motivations such as career advancement and new experiences, women often encounter cultural and gender diversity issues, requiring them to adapt their working styles and build new support networks. Allianz Care names four unique challenges expat women can face, and how you can overcome them.
Written on 05/23/24

1. Cultural Challenges

Differences in local attitudes, religion, and laws can impact how women are treated, necessitating thorough own research and awareness for safety and integration. Being aware of any restrictions or challenges will help the transition into new cultures.

2. Gender Diversity

 In some regions and industries, female talent may not be prioritized, making it essential for women to be proactive and assertive to ensure their contributions are recognized and valued. 

3. Adjusting Work Styles 

Women may need to modify their management approaches to align with local customs and workplace norms, which can sometimes be contrary to their experiences in their home country. In some cultures, for example, having regular open feedback is considered to be disrespectful.  

4. Building Networks 

With 89%, expat women often becoming travelling spouses, social isolation is common, affecting 48%. Whether they have secured their own job abroad or become the primary caregiver, both bring their own set of challenges for expat women. Establishing a social and professional network takes a lot of effort, particularly with language barriers and potential social isolation. Joining expat as well as local communities and learning the local language are recommended strategies to settle in with the new situation

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