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Checklist: Values, Career and Workplace Wellbeing

This checklist is designed to help employees thrive in their professional environment by aligning with their employer's values. By incorporating these practical and easy-to-implement tasks and routines into your daily work life, you can enhance your own wellbeing and further the success of your team!
Written on 02/21/24

1. Understand Company Values:

  • Familiarize yourself with your company's mission, vision, and values. Reflect on how these align with your own principles and goals.
  • Actively seek opportunities to incorporate these values into your daily tasks and interactions with colleagues.

2. Embrace Collaboration:

  • Cultivate a collaborative mindset by actively seeking input and feedback from colleagues.
  • Offer assistance and support to others when needed, fostering a culture of teamwork and mutual respect

3. Prioritize Self-Care:

  • Incorporate regular breaks into your workday to rest and recharge.
  • Practice stress management techniques such as deep breathing exercises or brief walks to alleviate tension and maintain focus.

4. Continuous Learning:

  • Identify areas for growth and development within your role and industry.
  • Dedicate time each week to expand your skills through online courses, workshops, or industry-related reading materials.

5. Effective Communication:

  • Practice active listening during meetings and discussions, ensuring that you understand the perspectives of your colleagues.
  • Express yourself clearly and respectfully, fostering open and constructive dialogue within the workplace.

6. Celebrate Successes:

  • Acknowledge and celebrate both individual and team achievements.
  • Take time to reflect on your accomplishments and express gratitude for the contributions of others.