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ERGO. Grow together. – Guiding Principles with an Impact

actupool’s central platform partner ERGO has set a guiding principle as an employer: ERGO. Grow together. Key components of this principle are the employer qualities collegiality, diversity, success, and development. These four criteria will also serve as content guidelines for several actupool career newsletters throughout the year. As a kick-off, in today’s interview Andreas Doppler, Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding, will analyze the background to these keywords and give a brief outlook on challenges and solutions in the search for employees in the actuarial environment.
Written on 01/24/24

ERGO. Grow together. is ERGO’s guiding principle as an employer. What exactly does this mean for employees?

Living things will grow. The four employer qualities of collegiality, diversity, success, and development allow ERGO to grow. Together, we are growing courageously and sustainably.

With this idea, we are building on the community at ERGO and showing that ERGO puts its customers and employees in the spotlight and enables them to develop their full potential.

In this way, we are creating an employer brand that clearly stands out from the image of the static, rational insurance world. Agile, dynamic, sustainable and modern, ERGO focuses on success and offers opportunities for personal development and creates a culture of curiosity, ambition and appreciation. The employer brand ERGO. Grow together was developed together with our employees, managers and junior staff, who were asked in workshops and interviews which factors characterize us (ERGO) as an employer.

Corporate values play an important role in the selection of and satisfaction with employers. Together with employees, ERGO has worked out the employer qualities of collegiality, diversity, success and development. Can you give us examples of how these are put into practice?

Yes, of course, because the employer qualities are not just empty words but, on the contrary, tangible topics and therefore so-called "moments of truth" that can be experienced every day.

When it comes to "development", we experience our own progress through the wide range of learning opportunities at ERGO, various talent programs such as the mentoring program for women and our development program for managers. We also understand development to mean the digital transformation of the company into a technology company and, in diversity, our diverse networks for women, fathers, people of colour, pride, etc., in which many employees are involved and campaign for their issues. This year, we are taking part in the Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Cologne for the third time – and with growing enthusiasm. 

The demand for talent in the actuarial profession is internationally on a very high level. As one of the largest German direct insurers, how does ERGO position itself in this environment – and what prospects do you offer applicants?

As with all our employees, for our specialists in the actuarial field the principle is that we are a company which has set itself the goal of helping people to live their lives better and more courageously. To achieve this, we want to make insurance easier. Why? Because it's important and because our products make sense. With regard to the actuarial environment, we offer, among other things, training to become an actuary. There are meaningful and exciting tasks for actuaries in many specialist areas, such as risk management, pricing and traditional life insurance. We invite all interested parties to join us in familiarizing themselves with and continuing these meaningful activities. As we are very successful in this role, we can offer a secure job in an increasingly volatile world.

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