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What employees want from their bosses

The boss should be able to listen and be empathetic - this was the conclusion of a study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in which around 4,000 people from Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom were surveyed.
Written on 03/03/22

What qualities are important to you in a boss? While employees across all countries want empathetic and ‘human’ bosses, 69% of management value intellect and thinking skills in their executives the highest. The difference couldn't be clearer. 

For leaders, the expectations of employees and their own bosses –corporate management - mean increased requirements. "Empathy in leaders is increasingly becoming more important," says BCG consultant Felix Schuler. "As are empathic leadership, a genuine connection with employees, and listening skills." Therefore, not only the qualities required from above, such as decisiveness and technical expertise, are in demand, but also human qualities, Schuler says.

Large majority of respondents satisfied with their superiors’ work

Most respondents are satisfied with the work of their superiors in the boardrooms during  the Coronavirus pandemic. The survey shows that employees in the United Kingdom are the most satisfied at 71%, followed by Germany at 66%, France at 63% and Spain at 60%.

Be a Manager? No thanks!

According to the survey, only a minority of respondents in all four countries want to become managers themselves. "About 50 percent of people want to develop professionally," Schuler commented. "But only 13 percent would like to become a manager." According to the report, the rest are also ambitious, but have different  goals.

Large satisfaction with working life

The vast majority express satisfaction with their working lives. "Ninety percent of people say they feel connected to their work and do not report any  alienation," Schuler said. Therefore, rather than showing a population of dissatisfied people, the survey shows a population of satisfied and engaged employees.

Source: dpa, RND, Zeit online