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In-house training – from soft skills to compliance

In this article, ERGO explains why, in an age when knowledge is available in unlimited quantities, corporate learning remains important in a large company and how important topics can be taught across the board while enabling individualization.
Written on 09/05/22

Lifelong learning is more topical than ever. This is primarily due to the high speed of change that we are experiencing as a result of digitalization. At the same time, access to knowledge is changing. Search engines and other research tools can find the answer to almost any question you might have.

Is there still a need for corporate learning?

At ERGO, we say yes, definitely. After all, employees should know what questions to ask the search engines in order to get correct and, above all, reliable and valid answers. This is how we understand corporate learning today. We develop questions and design the process leading to the answers, and we involve the active experience of the participants. We no longer do this in the form of seminars lasting several days, but increasingly through short online  training sessions.

Central training function and individual professional development opportunities

At ERGO, for example, we attach great importance to soft skills training. Today, we teach how communication works in a virtual space or how to strengthen resilience in the context of hybrid work-ing. In addition, methodological skills such as agile methods or project management are very popu-lar with our participants. We always focus on individuality in all our offerings. There are very few offerings that are mandatory for all employees. These are topics where we have to meet legal re-quirements, such as compliance training. Topics relating to personal development and soft skill building, as well as topics such as storylining and chart design, are organized centrally by our Learn-ing unit. Employees can sign up in our central learning management system. The experts in the specialist departments  decide for themselves which specialist training courses are required. In this way, we ensure that topics that are important for our company are available across the board. If necessary, however, topics from individual units are also taken into account.

Data competence as a skill for the entire company

Data literacy is currently being taught as a new overarching topic in the form of various online cours-es. Both beginner and advanced courses are available. Mathematicians in particular can thus devel-op new skills within their current role.

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