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Success through Diversity: This is what Diversity & Inclusion means at ERGO

ERGO benefits from the different qualifications, experiences and ways of thinking of its employees. We want to increasingly promote this diversity and the potential of our employees as part of our corporate culture. A diverse working environment in which different people with different perspectives, experiences and strengths work together and are valued contributes to an organization's openness and ability to learn, and promotes its innovative strength and creativity.
Written on 09/29/22

ERGO is one of the signatories of the "Diversity Charter" and is thereby committed to creating a working environment that is free of prejudice and exclusion. Employees should experience appreciation - regardless of gender, nationality, religion, disability, age, social origin and sexual orientation or identity.

The company sees itself as a life-phase-oriented employer that uses diversity as an important economic success factor and supports all people in their development and advancement by means of a broad and future-oriented range of offers. Our diversity management supports a culture of diversity with various measures. The activities, in particular the annual dialog formats, aim to raise awareness of how to deal with diversity and support constructive exchange on various aspects of diversity.

Equal advancement and targeted mentoring is a key issue in the company. To ensure equal opportunities, our diversity management pursues various measures to promote women in the company on a permanent basis. One important measure is our mentoring program for female employees who have management potential. Participants are given the opportunity to work on their personal development for twelve months with experienced managers - primarily board members. The program lasts one year and consists of an exchange between mentor and mentee. The key elements here are the transfer of "expert know-how" and personal experience, as well as advice and support in decision-making processes. During the mentoring year, the mentees receive input on various topics in accompanying seminars and can discuss these personally. In addition, the mentees work on current issues in project groups on specific questions. The mentoring program has been a real success story at ERGO. This year, 10 years of the successful mentoring program were celebrated with the launch of the 11th round.