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Future of work - new flexibility and greater choice

The corona pandemic has fundamentally changed the world of work and led to a massive transformation. Before the pandemic, day work mainly took place in companies. Now, during the pandemic, the place of work has shifted from the company to the desk at home, especially for office-based employees. Many companies have been forced to rethink their working practices due to the temporary mandate to have their employees work from home. But what will the future world of work look like and how will this influence the job search?
Written on 01/31/22

The Coronavirus and its variants are likely to continue to make either full or partial working from home the way companies work in the future. For many companies, these concepts were unthinkable before the pandemic. Companies are realizing that their employees are also working productively from home. Employees also want to maintain their new flexibility at work in the future.

According to a study by Ernst&Young, which asked 1,000 employees about their new professional situation, a good 80% of respondents said they would like to have complete flexibility in their working hours and spend all or at least part of their time working from home in the future. Almost every second respondent expects to be able to work completely independently of location in the future. It is therefore clear that companies that want to be future-oriented and retain qualified employees should respond to these new requirements and expectations.

Location-independent work - greater job choice

If we look into the future, the expansion of decentralized working could also offer completely new opportunities for career or job selection. The desire of many employees to find a job as close to home as possible to avoid long commutes could become obsolete. Living in a rural area and still working for a distant company or even one  in another country? Through decentralized working or hybrid work concepts, this becomes a conceivable vision.

Jobs for actuaries - unlimited possibilities

Considering the highly qualified and sought-after target group of actuaries, this concept could bring great benefits for companies in the insurance and financial sector as well as for actuaries themselves. Actuaries from remote locations, or even from other countries, could be considered for open positions. Actuaries would have a much wider choice of jobs and would no longer be restricted to companies within reach.

International job platform actupool

The importance of an international job platform for actuaries is therefore growing. In the future, international jobs or jobs that are far away from one’s home will also be of interest to actuaries without location-based restrictions. bundles current job adverts from all over the world on one job platform.

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